Fast Trac Consulting and BiggerPockets have partnered together to form
Property Accounting, the solution that brings you the results you never thought possible.

As an accounting leader in the real estate industry, Fast Trac Consulting (FTC) stays up-to-date and relevant so the team can provide the best possible solutions to its clientele. FTC was developed by a team of accounting experts who were (and still are) dedicated to bringing to the table unique, detailed solutions for those working in the real estate and property management industry. Over the years, FTC has helped thousands of clients by providing personalized training, evaluation, and customization services; these customers walk away with a simplified workflow and, as a result, a boosted cash flow.

Certified by Intuit as a QuickBooks Solution Provider, FTC is authorized to market, resell, implement, and support Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale business management solutions.